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Hosted By: J. Randal Harvey Jason Hardy

Sports News and Interviews

Sports September 29, 2022

Junction City Week #5

Center Toney Hodges is this week's Jason Hardy State Farm Player of the Week.
Sports September 29, 2022

El Dorado Week #5

El Dorado Wide Receiver DeAndra Burns Jr., is the Jason Hardy - State Farm - Player of the Week.
Sports September 23, 2022

El Dorado Week #4

This week Jason Hardy speaks with El Dorado player of the week, Quarterback Kolin Parker.
Sports September 23, 2022

Junction City Week 4

Jason Hardy talks to Junction City's Player of the Week, Linebacker, Hayden Hudson.
Sports September 20, 2022

Fernanda Lira

While at UCA from 2014-18, Lira was a three-time All-Southland golfer, earning the conference's end-of-year award in 2015, 2016 and 2018. On the course, she had nine top-10 finishes, tied for the seventh-most in UCA history, while picking up a win at the 2015 UALR/ASU Women's Golf Classic. Lira will join the EPSON LPGA tour and compete in the El Dorado Shootout, the week of September 21 - 25 at Mystic Creek in El Dorado. This interview is from September 20, 2022.
Sports September 09, 2022

Junction City Week #2

Coach Carpenter is the Jason Hardy Player of the Week guest, after a win over Lafayette County.
Sports September 09, 2022

El Dorado Week #2

T. J. Dunn is the Jason Hardy Player of the Week versus Camden.
Sports September 02, 2022

El Dorado Week #1

Jason Hardy interviews Coach Jones before the season Opener.
Sports September 16, 2022

Junction City Week #3

Junction City Player of the Week - Week Three
Corey Dubose & Jordy Williams

Sports September 16, 2022

El Dorado Week #3

The Jason Hardy El Dorado Player of the Week for week 3, is Defensive Linebacker, Trey Cook.
Sports September 02, 2022

Junction City Week #1

Bryan Estrada is the week one Jason Hardy Player of the Week for the Dragons.